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Snakes At Home - The site covers all the information needed for the hobbyist and will suit novices to more advanced keepers, there are many links to some of the best sites found on the internet.  With this site I hope to offer you a 'one stop shop' for all your information needs.

Tiny Boas - Tiny Boas reptile shop in Exeter is run by Jason Edworthy and they have a wide selection of reptiles ranging from snakes, lizards, chelonia and inverts and equitment

The Living Rainforest - The premier source of exotic pets in north wales. We stock all sorts of exotic pets including lizards, snakes, invertebrates, amphibians, tortoises and turtles. We also stock live foods, as well as frozen and a whole range of vivariums, cleaning products, equipment and supplements.

Strictly Exotics - Based in Dundee, Strictly Exotics is one of Scotlands leading Reptile & Amphibian centres. Strongly promoting the correct care and captive breeding information for special reptile species and also providing an extentive range of reptile care sheets. - Social networking for reptile keepers

Net Pet Shop - Buy Reptiles Now Online from our huge pet supplies department. At the best online Pet Shop for all Pet Supplies. We have the best prices online guaranteed. Over 6000 pet products in stock.

Livefood UK Ltd. A family run business producing Crickets, Locusts and other live insect foods for lizards since 1989 of the HIGHEST QUALITY to enable a VERY LONG SHELF LIFE and EXCELLENT NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

Reptile Food And Heating From - At Reptile Food Direct, we specialise in everything you need to keep your reptile happy. From reptile live food to the perfect reptile terrarium, we can help. Whether you own a reptile, amphibian or invertebrate, we have the kit you need to keep your pet healthy.

Surrey Pet Supplies Reptile supplies and reptile accessories we have one of the largest range of products. Our online reptile supplies superstore means you can get all your reptile supplies at online discount prices

H & RH Escargots Snails! Superb live-food, free of parasites and suitable for lizards especially some skinks and turtles.

Arcadia Reptile -

Corintech Ltd WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensors – Monitor and Record your pets environment through WiFi